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So, I have a wet carpet by the front door rain is running into my apartment under the door. :(
Went to the office about my mailbox still won't open my box, so they put in a new the new key...and...and it doesn't fit.
Yeah so with everything else I just laughed...the woman in the office couldn't open it either..haha!!!
yeah, so anyway.

Maybe later today I can check my mail?

So I had to leave work yesterday two hours early, because Jade called from school...
She was suspended. Fighting in class.
YAY Laura!
So the principal, told me the other girl did in fact start the fight and so Jade just gets 3 days worth of zero's for trying to defend herself after some girl punched her twice.
Not good news there.

Tim is dragging his feet about transferring Lynn to the Kemah store, I can replace her, Mike already said he would sign me off as Team Lead if Tim would send me to him to interview.
so really there is NO reason to keep Lynn.
OR hold me back.
I need this promotion.
I need it or I have to find a new job.
I know he doesn't want that.
I threatened to walk around with sticks and a lighter next week so I could light a fire under his ass.
Might not seem like the best way to talk to my boss but Oh yes really it is.
he needs a rounto it.
I want a nap, I am tired.
nappy pooh
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Oh, fuck school.

Tell Jade to fuck school.

All she needs to worry about is the SAT/ACT. Nothing else will EVER matter about school. EVER. She could set the school on fire, and it would never matter (unless she was caught).

You should take her to the library and have her study for the SAT/ACT every weekend, for hours, and then she can get into whatever college she wants. Then she can worry about school.

If I were her age, with my current knowledge, I'd tell every teacher to GO FUCK THEMSELVES, and all the students too...

but that's me.