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ah the Holly...

hehe..I just read a post by technogsypyaka Holly...and I dunno the face she was making in her user pic, just made me flash to the day I was driving her and the Kids back to OKC...
Good times
funny as hell
Greg had left a can of coke on the roof of the car and we drove off...
We didn't' know he had left it up there, about 5 blocks down the road Holly starts screaming and putting her hands up like she is fighting off some invisible demon or ghost and screaming holy hell..
and we thought she was on fire or something
we couldn't figure it out
So I stopped and she calmed down..
yeah that can had just fallen over and not left the car and it was just spraying in the car enough that it was hitting her in the face
I pulled over and Greg got out, and was laughing so hard I thought he would piss himself
hell really it is still funny...
as I sit here laughing
It was really funny cause the first thing he said was "damn I wondered where I put I wasted a good cold coke.." Holly wasn't as amused as we were...imagine that...although she did get a kick out of it...
The Oh yeah You wasted a fucking can of coke on me!!!!
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as I read this, I started laughing. loudly. while listening to leonard cohen.


August 30 2006, 10:34:48 UTC 11 years ago

dammit I have tried to reply to you twice through yahoo but I am at greg's and it isn't working so I have to go to work, anyway I said I could have told the story better had I not been laughing so hard..hehe
anyway gotta run before I am late...out into the dark I roam.
god dammit..that was me..
rotflmao....that was