Laura (lostrune) wrote,


So, my house seems a little more empty, and I feel pretty depressed.
and I think something may be wrong with me somewhere...
I have had 2 periods for the last two months, normally you can set a clock to my period, but not the last two months, I hope it is just stress
I hope it is just the depression, but I noticed also that the right side of my stomach is extended out further than my left, and that is where my worry comes from.

I'm so tired of my life the way it is right now.
I started thinking I don't want to be here, in Texas City, I want to be in Galveston!!!
but then, two days ago or three I noticed these flowers outside on the fence, I went to look at them I KNEW them, from up here, but I wanted to see what they were.
They are blackberries!
then yesterday I seen the honeysuckle on the fence, makes me want to stay right here.

I just want it my way, and I can't stand the fact that I don't have it my way.
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