Laura (lostrune) wrote,

the show must go on

And, sometimes there are journey's through life that whatever you think is right, or whatever you want, sometimes it just doesn't go the way you want.
Sometimes there is not ONE thing you can do to change a series of events.
Sometimes all you can do is sit back and let life happen, and watch.

This trip has been a long road, that I didn't want to take, wrong turn or something.
In the end, I feel ok.
not wonderful
but, ok

I really felt guilty for moving away, for leaving dad, for leaving Holly, for not being here...
maybe I still do a bit, but I can't change any of it.

the services for daddy were wonderful, I thought it was the best we could have possibly wished for, we laughed and shared stories about dad, and cried, but there was more laughter than tears, and I honestly think dad would have prefered it this way
Although I tell you, it was hard to come up with G rated stories to share...Dad was an R rated kind of guy.
but it was nice.
Daddy was so funny. And so much an ass, that the stories that people did tell were very funny.
It was much better than everyone sitting around crying the whole time.
Jade was telling me afterwards that she almost told the story about Dad teaching her to change a tire and how bad she screwed it up, and she said daddy got so annoyed with her..but she couldn't think how to tell it without dad's colorful words :D
I realized then that Tristan doesn't know how to do that..and I guess its my turn to teach those things too him instead of dad.

Millard told Sabrena at the sevices, that dad's girlfriend...the one we hadn't met, passed away on Sunday....weird.
too weird.

A few days ago, Pearn told me and Sabrena that Jim Cimmoroli wanted to know Dad's middle name, So we told him and THEN Pearn told us Daddy would never tell any of them his middle name...WHOOPS sorry dad...I told Pearn damn, you would have never know it because the obit didn't have it...It was put in the paper as William "Tink" Montgomery..we didn't put dad's middle name because he hated it and Everyone knew his as Tink anyway...

I thought I could make an entry that made sense, I don't think I am...

Today I have to go help Holly move the furniture out of the Garage and out of the Apartment that is hers, we are putting it in storage.
I wonder if she is up yet??
probably not.
uh I miss my bed terribly.
I need to go by a couple of places today with the kids so people can see them.
James wanted to see the kids and Cecil wanted to see the kids while I was in town.
and I need to do that.
I was going to go see Lisa Smith, and Joellen, but they are not answering their phones and not returning my calls...weirdo's
I guess I need to find something to do to keep myself entertained...
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